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Fading Colors

Gaia, our Mother, our only Home, my Inspiration…


 …Loving & wise, she speaks to us. If only we open our heart & our inner eye, to feel, to trust & connect with the spirit & consciousness that is in everything, immersing oneself in the experience, letting go of any expectation or objective – this is the moment when the magic happens.


   This is a pivotal moment in our history to awaken to the truth of who we are, to remember & return to ourselves, our true nature & origin, that is quantum; that we are One with Gaia, the conscious living being.

We experience adversity only through separation.


  Often we look but we don’t see, so we must begin seeing. Only then we can embrace whatever is there that wants to revel itself to us, the world of beauty, harmony & benevolence.

We must shift our focus from the given ‘’truths’’ to the inner knowing in order to survive & thrive.


  These photos are reflections of the outer world onto the observer.

  That I Am



      All photos for sale are in their original form, not photoshopped or enhanced.

My intention is always to keep the authentic atmosphere, mood, energy and emotion of every image so it can transpire onto you that magical moment as I have experienced it.

They were taken in very powerful, beautiful places and intuitive moments.

I hope you will find one or more in the collection that will speak to you as every single one has a story to tell.

      My selection intends to awaken positive energies and elevated emotions in you. 
Most of them contain hidden images.  Everyone would discover or feel something different while immersing oneself in their atmosphere. 

All Prints are Limited Editions, Signed & Numbered 

Original Art Prints

Gift Inspirations

Atmospheric Abstract & Mysterious Nature


All photos are printed as HD Metal Print with one choice of the below options depending on the photo


   Your Photo As An HD Metal Print

  • Sturdy And Light

  • Premium Print Using State-Of-The-Art Techniques

  Aluminium Substrate With Two Surface Options:

   Glossy Aluminium & Brushed Glossy Aluminium

  • Astonishing brilliance: perfect for colourful images

  • Printed on ultra-thin aluminium

  • Even suitable for outdoor areas and bathrooms


 Direct Print On Brushed Aluminium

  • Brushed metallic look in the bright areas

  • Printed areas: matte surface without reflections

  • choose between a surface in silver or gold

 Direct Print On Aluminium Dibond

  • A modern look with a matte, glare-free surface

  • Bright areas have a light, silk gloss shimmer

  • Suitable for sheltered outdoor areas

     The exceptionally vivid colour is very durable, which is why the HD Metal Print is an excellent choice for colourful images with strong contrast.

Please note: despite using the latest techniques, the printing process can result in minor surface imperfections or irregularities resulting from the material itself.

For more info please visit the 'orders' page.

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