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Beige Podium


Order Policy

You can order the desired print by submitting a request online or sending an email to

Please quote a reference number (assigned to every photo) should your query be related to a particular one. 

I will contact you back within 24h to discuss the options and fine details of orders, and to give you the exact price. 

The size of the print is approximate depending on the photo and orientation. 

There are 3 sizes:

Large - approx 80 x 140cm ( up to £2100, shipping incl.* )

Medium - approx 70 x 90cm ( up to £800, shipping incl. *)

Small - approx  40 x 50cm ( up to £400, shipping incl. *)

The prices above are maximum for a particular size but could be a bit lower. It all depends on the type of print. 

Some prints but not all can be printed in round, hexagonal, octagonal & dodecagonal shapes. 

All prints are limited editions, signed & numbered in the following quantities:

Large size - 25 prints;

Medium size - 50 prints;

Small size - 100 prints.

As it is Premium Print Using State-Of-The-Art Techniques, I Highly Recommend you order a small sample for £20 (per sample) that is automatically reimbursable against your purchase. Only then you would be able to appreciate the opulent look and quality of the print.

I also offer customized extra-large sizes for very large walls or commercial spaces. 

Adequate to the size of your picture, different wall mounts will be included in the price.


                                                                                                    *Shipping included for the UK addresses only

Payment Methods

Offline Payments

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